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3D Printing is a manufacturing technology where a digital 3D CAD design is fed to a 3D printer and thenparts are manufactured layer by layer using either filament extrusion, laser sintering, or binder jetting methodologies. In 3D Printing, the material is added layer by layer and hence it is called as Additive Manufacturing as opposed to conventional (subtractive) manufacturing technologies, where the material is removed or subtracted.

3D Printing is a revolutionary technology that produces 99.5% dense parts directly from 3D CAD data.

3D Printing enables design driven manufacturing and helps build complex part geometries which can be extremely light-weighted and durable. It allows us to deliver prototypes and engage in serial production with mass customization at a reasonable unit cost. Over the last few years,3D Printing applications have evolved from rapid prototyping to direct part manufacturing in diverse sectors like Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Tooling etc.

We manufacture high quality parts in a repeatable manner with our stringent QMS framework for single part / batch production / customized production.

We maintain our Quality Assurance guidelines to ensure that every part we produce fulfils the customer’s needs. We aim to achieve customer satisfaction through effective application of systems that ensure security and traceability of all parts produced in our facilities.

Quality Assurance is practised during design, incoming, in-process and final production for every part.

At Innovae3D, we offer both Metal and Polymer 3D Printing services:

• Metal Additive Manufacturing:
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