Additive Manufacturing (AM)

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How AM Benefits

Additive Manufacturing has many benefits over traditional manufacturing techniques:

Complex geometries

AM is a Design driven manufacturing and gives complete design freedom to design any complex and Intricate shape which is not possible by the conventional manufacturing methods

Part Weight Reduction

AM helps to reduce the part weight without compromising on the stability which helps to improve efficiency and reduce the overall energy consumption

Consolidation of Parts

Multiple parts in an assembly can be redesigned into a one single part, resulting in the savings on the part, assembly and inventory cost

Example: 248 part assembly has been redesigned into one single part

Strong and Durable Components

AM produces parts that are 99.8% dense, its mechanical properties are better than the conventional materials. AM is having exceptional repeatability of accuracy and properties

Rapid Prototypes

AM helps to build quick proto types with wide variety of materials for functional trials and helps to bring down the developmental time to a greater extent. Highly suitable for functionality testing - allows more rigorous testing of prototypes. Some parts can be built in a matter of hours

Tool Less Manufacturing

AM helps build the direct parts without any Tooling, which results in less cost and quicker time to market

High qualityand High accuracy in fine details

Parts build with AM has high accuracy and retains the fine details, it is also repetitive over time

Plastic Tooling and Die Casting performance enhancement

AM helps to improve the performance efficiency of Plastic Tooling and Die Casting Dies through Conformal cooling technology with improved part quality and reduced production cycle time

Efficient Tooling Repair

AM helps to repair the Tool by building the local features without a need to scrap the entire Tooling, which results in saving of enoromous amount of cost and time

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