Polymer 3d Printing PolyJet (PJ 3D Printing)

Polymer 3D Printing PolyJet (PJ 3D Printing)

Polyjet (PJ) is a 3D Printing technology which uses binder jetting process. In Polyjet 3D Printing technology (Polymer 3D Printing PolyJet), we can manufacture parts having multi-material properties. That is, we can manufacture a flexible and a rigid material together in one single piece. Also, Polyjet technology (PJ 3D Printing) offers full-colormodels. Polyjet is used in applications where one needs highly detailed and dimensionally accurate models. However, the parts are not suitable for mechanical loading or trying conditions.

Polymer 3D Printing PolyJet

PolyJet is technology for 3D printing that produces smooth, precise parts, prototypes, and tooling. Any PolyJet 3D Printer provides sharp precision, smooth surfaces, and ultra-fine details. Even the most advanced PolyJet systems can mimic anything from plastics and rubber to human tissue and create a full spectrum of colors by mixing various photopolymers at specific concentrations and microstructures.

Working of PJ 3D Printing

Jetting heads are at the heart of PolyJet printers. By sliding to and fro along the X-axis, the jetting heads deposit a single layer of the construction material (typically photopolymers). The depth of each photopolymer layer deposited by each jetting head is selectively software-controlled. The ability to generate precise models is provided by Raster scanning the head around the build platform.

There are several ways that PolyJet printers operate, but spraying a liquid photopolymer from a multi-nozzle, inkjet-style print head is one of the most common techniques. They are immediately cured and hardened by UV light as soon as the droplets of these liquid photopolymers are discarded. The build platform drops along the Z-axis once a layer is complete, and the next layer of photopolymers is ejected from the heads. Until the object is complete, the procedure is repeated. The raw material is contained in cartridges and connected to the nozzles directly.

Generic Information:

Max. part size:

490 x 390 x 200 mm

Dimensional Accuracy:

(+/-) 100 µm


5-7 working days

Minimum Order Quantity:

1 No.

Materials Available:

• Vero Materials (Rigid)

• Tango Materials (Flexible/Rubber-like)

• Agilus material (Flexible/Rubber-like)

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