Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Solutions and Services

Post Printing

We specialize in performing post processing operations after 3D printing based on the material and its application.

Our capabilities:
  • Bead blasting
  • Shot peening
  • Polishing
  • Final machining
  • Heat treatment
Benefits of post processing :
  • Enhance part appearance
  • Improve part durability by increasing its resistance to wear, corrosion, heat and other elements
  • Smoothen out uneven surfaces
  • Adjust part size and shape
  • Boost electrical conductivity of the components
As printed :
After polishing by MMP :
Heat Treatment :

Heat treatment is performed to reduce the internal residual stresses built up during DMLS.

Heat treatment helps to reduce the anisotropy (different material behaviour depending on the direction) due to the layer by layer fabrication. Heat treatment is also necessary to obtain sufficient material (mechanical or thermal) properties.

We also offer customized heat treatment as our value added service.

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