Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Fabrication is a conventional manufacturing technology where a sheet of metal is deformed and shaped into its desired form by using varied processes like bending, punching, shearing, blanking etc. These parts find applications in a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer products, HVAC units, construction etc.

Sheet Metal

Generic Information:

Dimensional Accuracy:

As per specifications, subject to manufacturing feasibility.


Depends on the nature and complexity of the part geometry. The average lead-time is 10 working days.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):

1 No.

Processes Used:

• Bending

• Punching

• Blanking

• Laser Cutting

• Plasma Cutting

• Welding

• Post-processing

Materials Available:

• Aluminium 5052

• Stainless Steel (SS) - Grade 301

• Stainless Steel (SS) - Grade 304

• Stainless Steel (SS) - Grade 316/316L

• Steel 1018

• Galvanised Steel

• Mild Steel 1018

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