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Conformal Cooling

What is Conformal cooling ?

The cooling channels (made by Additive manufacturing) closely and uniformly follow the contour of the profile on Plastic Mould and Die Casting Dies. Faster cooling helps to reduce the production cycle time and uniform cooling helps to improve the part quality.

Conventional cooling VS Conformal cooling
Conventional cooling
Conventional cooling :
  • The distance from cavity to cooling channel differs due to limitations of conventional machining process. As a result, the heat dissipation cannot take place uniformly in the material
  • Uneven cooling results in internal stresses that negatively impact part quality (warpage)
  • Cooling time is longer since cooling channels cannot reach all intricate areas
Conformal cooling
Conformal cooling :
  • Cooling channels are placed uniformly and close to the profile of the part
  • Uniform cooling results in improved part quality
  • The production cycle time is reduced because of faster cooling
  • Design driven manufacturing results in maximum freedom of design
  • Highly productive tools and faster pay-back
  • Improved profits !
Case study – 1
Conformal cooling
Case study – 2
Conformal cooling
Case study – 3
Conformal cooling

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