Conformal Cooling

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Conformal Cooling

  • Cooling channel designed on the Molds and Dies to closely follow the contour of the part profile
  • Improves the part quality and tool life to a greater extent
  • Reduce Production Cycle by Time by 20% - 30%.
Conventional cooling VS Conformal cooling
Conventional cooling
Conventional cooling :
  • The distance from cavity to cooling channel differs due to limitations of conventional machining process. As a result, the heat dissipation cannot take place uniformly in the material
  • Uneven cooling results in internal stresses that negatively impact part quality (warpage)
  • Cooling time is longer since cooling channels cannot reach all intricate areas
Conformal cooling
Conformal cooling :
  • Cooling channels are placed uniformly and close to the profile of the part
  • Uniform cooling results in improved part quality
  • The production cycle time is reduced because of faster cooling
  • Design driven manufacturing results in maximum freedom of design
  • Highly productive tools and faster pay-back
  • Improved profits !

Our Tooling expertise and sound knowledge of moulding simulation software help us to provide best-in-class conformal cooling solutions.

We provide complete end to end solution on conformal cooling for Plastic Moulds and Die Casting Dies

Benefits of Conformal cooling
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Conformal cooling
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Conformal cooling
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Conformal cooling