Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Solutions and Services

Tooling Solutions

Our Tooling expertise and sound knowledge of moulding simulation software help us to provide best-in-class AM Tooling solutions. We also train our customers on AM Tooling capabilities and best practices.

Conformal Cooling

We help improve profits for our customers by improving the performance of their Plastic Moulds and Die Casting Dies through designing and printing of Conformal Cooling channels. This helps in faster and uniform cooling which greatly impacts both part quality and cost.

We also work with them to maximise benefits from selection of parts for Conformal Cooling, design of cooling channels, simulation analysis, printing, post processing and delivery for final production.


Different factors influence quality of product parts in injection moulding

Heating / Cooling has great influence on part quality and Conformal Cooling helps manage the part cooling more efficiently.


Break-even analysis illustrates economic benefits of DMLS in comparison to conventional tooling

Case study – 1
Conformal cooling
Case study – 2
Conformal cooling
Case study – 3
Conformal cooling
Tooling Repair

Additive Manufacturing can also be used to repair damaged tool inserts which saves production time and money.

Instead of disposing worn-out tools and replacing them with new ones, the damaged areas can be repaired quickly using laser sintering. This enables customers to benefit from a longer operating life.

Rapid Tooling

When there is a need to produce quick protoparts using original plastics in batch quantity, Additive Manufacturing technology can be used to directly print and try out for functional testing. Generative design and Conformal Cooling are integrated features of rapid tooling.

We help our customers to build the Rapid Proto Tool and produce parts for testing.

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