Metal 3D Printing Service in Pune, India

Metal 3D Printing Service in Pune, India

Metal 3D Printing service is a manufacturing technology in which a digital 3D CAD design is fed to a 3D printer and then parts are manufactured layer by layer using filament extrusion, laser sintering, binder jetting methodologies.

Innovae3d is top most Metal 3D Printing Service Bureau in Pune, India.

Metal 3D Printing service in Pune, India enables design driven manufacturing and helps build complex part geometries. It delivers prototype at a reasonable unit cost. Over the last few years, 3D Printing applications have evolved from rapid prototyping to direct part manufacturing in different sectors like Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Tooling etc.

Innovae3D is pioneering metal 3D printing service in Pune, offers the technological solution and services. The technical term Metal 3D Printing called DMLS.

In Metal 3D printing material used for 3D Printing are Stainless steel, cobalt chrome, Maraging steel, aluminum, nickel alloy and titanium. etc.

The purpose of Metal 3D Printing is to manufacture complex, custom made parts. It also helps to reduce the weight of that object

At Innovae3D, we offer both Metal and Polymer 3D Printing services:

• Metal Additive Manufacturing:
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