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The Medical Industry is no exception to how 3D printing is transforming and enriching numerous industries. There are various advantages that 3D printing brings to the sector in terms of improving and saving patient health and lives.

3D printing is the new solution for the healthcare industry as it is customizable. Rather than producing a huge number of similar parts, 3D printing enables the development of prosthetic and orthotic devices specifically tailored to a patient's exact anatomy. As a result, their adequacy is improved.

What are the benefits of 3D printing in the Medical Industry?
Major benefits include

1. It Can be used in Complex Operations
3D printing is crucial in the training of future doctors and the preparation of actual operations. Although 2D graphics are helpful, they lack visualization and do not reflect a natural human body. Models created with 3D printing, on the other hand, appear realistic and closely resemble actual human parts. This increases the operational process accuracy and efficiency.

2. Advanced technology helps Future doctors 
Future doctors can practice on organs that have been 3D printed. This is far more accurate than using animal organs for training. Learning with human-like 3D printed parts improves the skills.

3. 3D Printing can help in Intricate Care
3D printers make low-cost prosthetics wherever required. They are a cost-effective alternative for those who cannot afford a prosthetic. In underdeveloped countries and rural places, low-cost medical equipment is essential. In some regions, the road infrastructure makes it impossible to deliver medical supplies. 3D printing allows for the printing of necessary equipment in those areas without the need to carry it regularly.

4. Sterilizable
Medical and lab equipment can be 3D printed via 3D printing. Regular sterilization is essential for some parts used in patient care. 3D printing has a wide range of materials that are sturdy and lightweight, as well as sterilizable.

5. Reduces the Cost and Time to Get a New Medical Device
Plastic components of the equipment can be 3D printed. This dramatically reduces the cost and time it takes to get a new medical device from a third-party vendor. In addition, the production process and subsequent applications are simplified. This increases equipment availability and makes 3D printed medical equipment more accessible to low-income or difficult-to-reach places. Prosthetics are tailored to the individual, and traditionally making them is expensive. Users can choose from various designs, forms, sizes, and colors in 3D printing. As a result, each 3D-printeditem is unique. 3D printers also make prosthetics more affordable.

Also, while the final design is still being optimized, manufacturers can employ early 3D printed parts to support clinical studies or early marketing. When compared to typical production methods, 3-D printing items takes substantially less time.

Future Aspects of 3 D Printing in Health Care

In traditional manufacturing, there is a risk of human error, which can cause projects to be delayed in terms of cost and time. However, 3D printing has allowed surgeons to produce multiple iterations before printing, allowing them to see potential faults and assure that the final product is perfect.

With new composites and hybrid polymers, body parts with better strength and weight are now possible. 3D printers can create endless designs. Patients benefit from improved quality, comfort, and independence from selecting the appropriate materials and combining them with accurate and precise techniques.

The Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) process uses special 3D printers and production-grade thermoplastics to create strong, durable, and dimensionally stable parts having accuracy and reproducibility. FDM 3D printing is perfect for iterative, low-cost prototyping to improve tool design.

3D printing in healthcare will continue to advance and improve people's lives. In the future, 3D
printing technology will undoubtedly become an essential aspect of medical operations and practice.

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