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How Can 3D Printing Increase Productivity?

Though 3D printing was mainly used to make simple prototypes and proof-of-concept products that would later be expanded with traditional building processes and materials, the concept has significantly advanced over the last decade to encompass a wide range of industries and designs.


The innovation in 3D Metal printing in India has led to a wide range of applications and techniques, from customized products to more complex techniques in different sectors. The majority of 3D printers can complete a project from beginning to end quickly, which makes the technology ideal for rapid prototyping and reproduction.


Reducing the time it takes from when a customer puts in his order until the time the order is delivered is the primary goal of any manufacturing industry. Lead times and costs are significantly reduced by eliminating inefficient processes along the supply chain. 3D printing is proving to be a beneficial tool for reducing some production steps and enhancing overall product quality. Let us see how.


Rapid prototyping with 3D printing


The success of a product can be affected by how long it takes to develop it from idea to market. Because of this, designing and testing products have to be completed as quickly as possible. A rapid prototyping technique to iterate through designs before choosing a feasible solution is provided by 3D printing.


Product development times are cut short by rapid prototyping with 3D printing. Additionally, costs are reduced because the materials are less expensive than those that would be utilized for the finished product.


The use of 3D printing to replace machine parts


Due to downtime, replacing machine parts can be very expensive in terms of productivity. Sometimes when a machine breaks down in the middle of a manufacturing run and the new spare part won't be available for many weeks in the situation the customer may be forced to go elsewhere and will likely be quite disappointed if they are unable to find an alternative.


Also if there is a situation in which spare parts are too expensive to keep in stock.  3D printing is an excellent alternative because parts can be printed only when required. It is extremely difficult to keep spares for each of a machine's hundreds of crucial parts. When customers will not suffer any stakeouts, eventually they will be satisfied. It is also feasible that the product quality will remain high because the machines are in excellent condition.


Complex designs are produced using 3D printing.


If you are manufacturing highly developed products, their complexity indicates that their cost of production will be high. Complex designs require complex tooling, which is challenging to manufacture. Also, the manufacturing process for these designs is complex. You will be able to save a significant amount of time, effort, and money by using digital products and process design for highly engineered products.  3D printing prototypes and rapid reproduction with 3D printers are also far more streamlined than traditional factory work, saving time and a company's overall environmental impact. 3D printers work quickly, efficiently, and without error.


Summing up


You may create a scaled model of the factory using 3D printing. With these models, you can experiment with various machine and cell layout configurations without disrupting operations.


If done correctly, 3D printing can reduce the common waste of production. The objectives include—high customer value with little waste—which can be readily attained by decreasing distance, travel, inventory, mobility, over-processing, and overproduction. 3D is a great tool that can be utilized to achieve the above-mentioned objectives and increase productivity.


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