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Additive manufacturing (AM), more commonly known as 3D printing has developed immensely since its beginnings in the 1980s. It originally started off as a tool for rapid prototyping but now finds applications in various industries.

With the evolution of 3D printing increasing numbers of companies are swiftly adopting this technology. There are numerous use cases and applications across different industries. However, using 3D printing for rapid prototyping services has become incredibly popular, especially for crafting tooling aids, functional and visual prototypes. The growth of this technology is also prompting many companies to find new and innovative applications for this incredibly efficient prototyping technology.

Importance of 3D Printing in Rapid Prototyping Service

Here’s a detailed look at the role of 3D printing rapid prototyping service in various industries worldwide:

1 – Aerospace & Defence

The aerospace and defence (A&D) industry adopted 3D printing in its earliest stages and was first used as far back as in 1989. Today, the A&D industry has a share of over 16.6% in the 3D printing market at an estimated value of US$ 10.4 billion. The industry is also one of the largest contributors towards research and development for 3D printing technology.

The aerospace and defence industry benefits from the 3D printing rapid prototyping service because it is an excellent way to ensure on demand production of component concept design. Components crafted using 3D printing rapid prototyping techniques are incredibly lightweight, which is essential for the industry. This technique helps to decrease the waste of raw material because it does not work through the conventional subtractive technique.

Another important benefit of using 3D printing for rapid prototyping service is part consolidation as it designs components that fit precisely and perfectly.

2 – Automotive

The automotive industry is the second-largest consumer of 3D printing for rapid prototyping services. The extreme precision, efficiency and ability of on-demand production has made the technology one of the most preferred ones in the industry.

Using 3D printing, the automotive industry has successfully tested and integrated numerous spare parts and functional components in every new model. As making components lighter but stronger has been a major goal for the industry, 3D printing services has come as a boon for the industry.

3 – Medical / Healthcare

The medical industry is yet another field where 3D printing is being increasingly used for rapid prototyping. Apart from helping to create precise and efficient dental implants, technology has also become the go-to for creating prosthetics too.

Additionally, surgeons are using 3D printing for pre-surgical practice and planning too. Other applications of this technology in healthcare and medical are also being researched intensely.


The 3D printing technology is excellent for efficient rapid prototyping. This technique allows users to create highly detailed CAD models which are then crafted with extreme precision by the printer. This precision and swiftness have made 3D printing an enormous boon for several industries, including aerospace, automotive and healthcare. Always choose a leading rapid prototyping service for the best 3D printing service in India.