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Post Printing

Heat treatment

Heat treatment helps to reduce the anisotropy (different material behaviour depending on the direction) due to the layer by layer fabrication. Heat treatment is also necessary to obtain sufficient material (mechanical or thermal) properties.

We provide different types of heat treatment solutions like Stress relieving, Solution annealing, age-hardening of 3D printed parts using our customized inert gas heat treatment furnace.

Abrasive blast

Abrasive blasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material (media) against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface.

  • Enhance part appearance
  • Improve part durability by increasing its resistance to wear, corrosion, heat and other elements
  • Smoothen out uneven surfaces
  • Adjust part size and shape
  • Boost electrical conductivity of the components
  • Different types of abrasives and blasters are used for different materials and applications

    Final Machining

    We help to meet the tight tolerances using precision Tool room machines like VMC, CNC lathe, Grinding, Spark EDM, Wire EDM, etc.


    We use several processes to achieve the desired surface roughness or finish.

    Quality Inspections

    We employ different methods of inspection to validate part geometry and evaluate material structure for quality reporting.

  • Dimensional inspections with report
  • First article inspection (FAI)
  • CMM, optical and CT scanning
  • X-ray analysis
  • Mechanical testing
  • Surface roughness and porosity analysis
  • Certificate of compliance with parts tracking