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Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting or Silicone Molding is a highly skill based manufacturing technology used for batch manufacturing or low volume production runs.

In Vacuum Casting process, we make a silicone moldby using a master pattern manufactured through 3D Printing technology. We then pour polyurethane resins in the silicone mold cavity, and the mold is allowed to cool. The individual components are then taken out from the mold and are post-processed and to give them the desired surface finish and quality.

Generic Information:

Dimensional Accuracy:
(+/-) 200-250 µm
Depends on the number of part quantities required. On an average, it take 12-14 days to manufacture 15 Quantities.
Minimum Order Quantity:
15 Nos.

Materials Available:

  • ABS Food Grade (9012
  • ABS Black (PX-223/HT)
  • ABS Transparent (8095)
  • PC-ABS (8051)
  • Polypropylene (8045)
  • High temperature (8060)
  • Nylon (VC 3365)
  • Flame retardant (8263)
  • Rubber (VC 3300)
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