"Stereolithography (SLA) - 3D Printing in India "

"Stereolithography (SLA) - 3D Printing in India "

Stereolithography (SLA) is the oldest 3D Printing technology used to manufactureaesthetically beautiful and proof of concept prototypes with smooth surface finish. We use photopolymer resins to manufacture the parts in SLA technology. The parts find applications in Automotive interiors, Industrial goods, Medical Devices industries etc.

Stereolithography is a form of additive manufacturing (AM) technique also known as vat photopolymerization. It is also called as resin 3D printing for short. The 3D printers in this technology work using a light source, such as projector or laser, to harden resin and convert it into plastic.

Components made using Stereolithography have the most accuracy and highest resolution, along with extremely sharp details and the smoother surface finish of all 3D printing technologies. The components made with Stereolithography technique have an impressive variety of mechanical, optical and thermal properties that are on par with industrial-grade engineering thermoplastics.


How does Stereolithography works?

Stereolithography requires using CAD software, or 3D scanned data, to create the model design. It is then transferred to the 3D printer.

After a quick check to ensure that the design follows the pre-set parameters, the printing process begins. The 3D printing process using Stereolithography technique is completely automated and does not require human intervention at any stage of development.

Once the object is printed, it is washed with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to remove any resin from the surface and give it a smooth, final finish. After the 3D printed part is dry, some materials may require undergoing post-curing to ensure optimal stability and strength.

Eventually, the supports need to be removed from the parts and sanded down to ensure a smoother finish overall. Components made with Stereolithography technique are easy to machine, paint and assemble for specific purposes.


To ensure that your components are at par with industrial standards, always make sure to choose leading 3D printing services in India. Choosing the best Stereolithography 3D printing in India is an excellent way to make sure that the components made using 3D printing are top quality, efficient and fully functional according to their desired use.

Generic Information:

Max. part size:

650 x 600 x 400 mm

Dimensional Accuracy:

(+/-) 150 µm


3-4 working days

Minimum Order Quantity:

1 No.

Materials Available:

• ABS-Like

• PP-Like

• PC-Like (Clear/Transparent)

• SLA-Black

• SLA-White

• High Temperature

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