Technology Conformal Cooling Tooling Design

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Technology Conformal Cooling Tooling Design

  • Technology Conformal Cooling Channel designed on the Molds and Dies to closely follow the contour of the part profile
  • Improves the part quality and tool life to a greater extent
  • Reduce Production Cycle by Time by 20% - 30%.

Conformal cooling is the process of using coolant channels in plastic injection mold tool.

To reduce the time of cooling and to control the uniformity of temperature and volumetric shrinkage, industry expect to have cooling channels. Cycle Time Reduction in Injection molding with Conformal Cooling Channels.

The goal of automatically designing conformal cooling circuits in a twofold manner.

The relationship between the conformal cooling and the geometry shape is formulated. Simulations have been made to verify the advantages of the cooling circuit generated by our algorithm.

Conventional cooling VS Conformal cooling Tooling
Conventional cooling
Conventional cooling :
  • The distance from cavity to cooling channel differs due to limitations of conventional machining process. As a result, the heat dissipation cannot take place uniformly in the material
  • Uneven cooling results in internal stresses that negatively impact part quality (warpage)
  • Cooling time is longer since cooling channels cannot reach all intricate areas
Conformal Cooling Tooling
Conformal cooling :
  • Cooling channels are placed uniformly and close to the profile of the part
  • Uniform cooling results in improved part quality
  • The production cycle time is reduced because of faster cooling
  • Design driven manufacturing results in maximum freedom of design
  • Highly productive tools and faster pay-back
  • Improved profits !

Our Tooling expertise and sound knowledge of moulding simulation software help us to provide best-in-class conformal cooling design solutions.

We provide complete end to end solution on conformal cooling for Plastic Moulds and Die Casting Dies

3D Printing Conformal Cooling Design the realization of non-conventional cooling designs is rapidly momentum in the injection molding industry.

  • One such new cooling design is conformal cooling, which could provide some great benefits for making mold tools.
  • The most purpose of conformal cooling is to rapidly and uniformly decrease the plastic component's temperature within the mold tool.
  • Conformal cooling design differs from standard channels because they are straight holes that are formed from conventional drilling or milling.
  • Conformal Cooling follows the twists and turns of intricate part designs, offering much better efficiency and faster cycle times.
  • Advantages of Using Conformal Cooling Tooling Design

    A conformal cooling design helps to avoid the need for secondary drilling in the finished product. it creates intricate conformal cooling channels that are set flush against the mold cavity and make channels in hard-to-reach places, which is not possible with conventional cooling channels. As well as the conformal cooling channels can be created in different shapes which promote efficient coolant flow or excellent heat dissipation. This is possible due to the extremely precise molding that the Conformal Cooling design

    Benefits of Conformal cooling
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    Technology Conformal Cooling Tooling Design
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    Technology Conformal Cooling Tooling Design
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    Technology Conformal Cooling Tooling Design