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Design for Additive Manufacturing

Our in-depth understanding of laser fusion, metallurgy, thermal and mechanical behaviour of printed parts, application of DFAM principles helps us in optimizing the design of products.

We create value for our customers by redesigning parts for weight reduction / parts consolidation / increased performance.

Design for weight reduction

We use topology optimization tools to reduce the part weight without compromising the stability of the component. This helps to improve performance and reduce energy consumption.


Design for consolidation

We help consolidate multiple parts (in an assembly) into fewer parts. This results in savings on the part, assembly and reduction in inventory cost.


Example: Components reduced from 248 to 1 through AM

Design analysis

We optimize our designs using design calculations, analytical tools like Mould flow, mechanical simulations and topology optimization.

Design Analysis

Design consultation

We provide consultation to develop applications and increase productivity through optimized AM solutions.

Design Consultation