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How does 3D printing help reduce the weight of metal parts

The production of lightweight metal components is a crucial task for high-performance industries like aerospace and automotive. Because of this, manufacturers are continually searching for new ways to design and make metal components that are light in weight and perform better. The demand fo...


How the world is transforming with the advent of 3D printing

The world is transforming with the advent of 3D printing. With the help of this fascinating technology, we can turn digital designs into physical objects, expanding the possibilities for design and manufacturing. You can use 3D printing to make things that are not feasible to make with convention...


Why 3D printing is a sustainable manufacturing technology

Nowadays, investors, authorities, clients, and the communities in which you work focus on running a business based on moral and environmental principles. Today, businesses must prioritize sustainability in both their overall strategy and day-to-day operations. Manufacturers need to incr...


Why 3D printing is best for small businesses

The use of additive manufacturing in rapid prototyping, production, tooling, and marketing can significantly enhance business operations 3D printing can prove to be a valuable resource for any organization. The benefits of 3D printing technology for small businesses are numerous, a...


3D printing has opened up new avenues for the Automotive Industry

Today, the automobile industry is the most efficient and multifaceted sector, with several challenges and incredible opportunities. The demand for vehicle electrification, a variety of consumer preferences, and relatively strict environmental regulations are just a few of the challenges the autom...


Top 5 Prospects of 3D Printing in the Future

The uncertainties surrounding the world fuel and production prices, the past three years have been difficult for manufacturing industries worldwide, and it appears that this trend will continue into 2023. Despite these difficulties, 3-D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) has...


How Can 3D Printing Increase Productivity

How Can 3D Printing Increase Productivity? Though 3D printing was mainly used to make simple prototypes and proof-of-concept products that would later be expanded with traditional building processes and materials, the concept...


The potential of Rapid Manufacturing in the Defense Sector

The defence sector is a major contributor to the current development of AM technology and materials. According to research conducted by Defence IQ, 75% of industry leaders think that 3D printing within become standard within the defence industry within the next ten years. Undoubtedly, 3D printing...


Why is Metal 3D Printing Best for Rapid Prototyping

Due to their multiple advantages, cutting-edge 3D Printing Services in India are now being used in various sectors and applications. One of the best uses for 3D printing in the metal industry is rapid prototyping. Using traditional methods to create a protot...


Why Use CNC Machining in Auto Part Manufacturing

The automotive industry has developed innovations and technologies continuously since its beginning. The major technological advancements in the automotive industry are closely related to improvements in production. Many industrial advancements in the sector are driven by CNC machining....


Benefits of 3D Printing in Industry 4.0

The next industrial revolution began in the twenty-first century. Industry 4.0 introduces the smart manufacturing process, a technological breakthrough that will radically transform manufacturing and business operations. Companies started to realize the significant, practical benefits o...


How 3D printing simplifies the prototyping process

The current trend in the manufacturing industry is 3D printing. The manufacturing sector has not only been completely transformed by 3D printing but will also positively affect the future. However, 3D printing has the maximum impact on the prototyping industry. With the prot...


3D Printing Transforming the Manufacturing Landscape

Over the past ten years, 3D printing has rapidly grown in popularity. According to a recent analysis, the 3D printing market was estimated to be worth $13.7 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $63.46 billion by 2026, which shows a compound yearly growth rate of about ...


Overview of common Metal 3D Printing Materials their Qualities and Applications

Metal additive manufacturing techniques offer advantages over traditional methods such as CNC machining or injection molding. One of the benefits is the reduction of material waste, which is especially important when employing expensive metals like copper or precious metals. Metal ...


What is Rapid Tooling and the Difference between Rapid Tooling and Prototyping

Rapid Tooling is the process of creating a mold quickly by combining Rapid Prototyping techniques and traditional tooling methods. Compared to conventional production techniques, this method can also prepare model components from CAD data quickly and affordably. Rapid T...


Why do we require precision machining components?

We are surrounded by complex technology, which is growing rapidly. We come across many complicated elements in daily life, such as the multiple gears and components found inside any piece of machinery, which leads to the question of how they are made. The majority of these items are produced usin...


Ever Lasting Benefits of Metal 3D Printing for Mass Production

Ever - Lasting Benefits of Metal 3D printing for Mass Production Metal 3D printing is a significant driver for the industry 4.0 revolution, which is changing the manufacturing ecosystem. The way businesses perform mass production is revolutionized by th...


FDM Technology for 3D Printing

The Additive Manufacturing process or 3D printing is used to create parts and finished products. It is called "additive" as it simply stacks and fuses layers of material to create physical objects instead of using a block of material or a mold to accomplish it. Compared to "traditi...


Overview of Metal Additive Manufacturing – Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) Technology

Metal 3D Printing is also known as Metal Additive Manufacturing. Metal 3D printing offers digital flexibility and enables the production of lighter and stronger parts. Metal 3D printing is helping us bring design and innovation to the forefront.  ...


Overview of Metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal 3D Printing is also known as Metal Additive Manufacturing. Metal 3D printing offers digital flexibility and enables the production of lighter and stronger parts. Metal 3D...


Significance of 3D Printing in the Oil and Gas Industry

Overview Oil and Gas are important industries in the energy market, and as the world’s key fuel sources, they significantly impact the global economy. Oil and gas production and distribution processes and systems are complex, capital-intensive, and require cutting-ed...


The future is Electric Vehicle and now possible through Additive Manufacturing

Electric vehicles (EVs) are revolutionizing transportation while also influencing how cars are built. For established manufacturers, EVs represent entirely new product platforms, and in many cases, new companies are bringing them to market. With the manufacturing process starting over after elect...


Why You Should Prefer Conformal Cooling Tooling Over Traditional Cooling Techniques?

Manufacturing processes are changing significantly as a result of 3D printing, particularly when it comes to producing intricate geometrical patterns. Complex (non-conventional) cooling solutions are becoming more and more popular in the injection molding sector as 3D pri...


How 3D printing is Helpful to the Healthcare Industry

The Medical Industry is no exception to how 3D printing is transforming and enriching numerous industries. There are various advantages that 3D printing brings to the sector in terms of improving and saving patient health and lives. 3D printing is the new solution for the healthcare ind...


3d Printing - The Next Industrial Revolution

Market Growth & Industry Trends 3D printing is the fastest-growing technology. According to MarketsandMarkets, by 2023, the global market for 3D printing is estimated to reach US$ 32.78 billion. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, 3D printin...


How 3D Printing helps Reduce Manufacturing Costs?

3D printing advancements have proven that the technology is becoming faster, procedures are becoming more automated, and production volumes are increasing. 3D printing has already reached the stage where it provides considerable manufacturing value to businesses. The p...


The Role of 3D Printing in Rapid Prototyping Service

Additive manufacturing (AM), more commonly known as 3D printing has developed immensely since its beginnings in the 1980s. It originally started off as a tool fo...


Metal Additive Manufacturing Generating the Future

Additive Manufacturing has revolutionized the manufacturing industry since its commercial start in the late twentieth century. ...


CNC Machining Prototyping and its Importance in Rapid Prototyping

CNC Prototyping? CNC Prototype Machining or Computer Numerical Control is a method in which a computer controls a machine tool based on numerical input given. This software allows machine users to control the tool movements,...


An Introduction to Rapid Prototyping for Product Development

In India, 3D printing is a relatively new technology. Though, 3D Printing Services in India have been introduced to expand their popularity and usage in recent years. Over the last few years, 3D printing has acquired a lot of traction in the country, with various government i...


Top 5 Industrial Applications of 3D Printing

3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing (AM) has become the form of future manufacturing and it has been getting more advanced with novel modifications. In addition to newer inventions in 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping has been one of the mai...


Aerospace Industry

The significance of the current Aerospace Industry is impossible to underline. The Aerospace Industry has also been a significant contributor to global economic succ...


What is The Significance of Metal Additive Manufacturing to SMEs?

Since its commercialization in the late twentieth century, additive manufacturing has transformed the manufacturing industry. Metal AM and numerous applications of the process are ...


The potential of Additive Manufacturing in the Aerospace Industry

Additive manufacturing (AM), which is popularly known as “3D Printing”, has enjoyed immense popularity with hobbyists mainly till recent years. However, there has been a great shift towards designing and developing functional components for numerous industries, which also includes the...


The use of 3D printing in the Aerospace Industry

Additive manufacturing (AM), which is popularly known as “3D Printing”, has enjoyed immense popularity with hobbyists mainly till recent years. However, there has been a great shift towards designing and developing functional components for numerous indust...


Case Study on Tooling: Improvement in Performance and Design Scope of Die Casting Molds Using Metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) is opening up new possibilities in tooling industries. One of the main applications of metal AM in die-casting/Injection molding industry is tool inserts with the conformal cooling channel.  This article is mainly focusing on va...


3D printing in the Global Automotive Sector

Ever since the first motorcar ran on a rutted road in 1886, the car industry has come a long way. The industry has seen several revolutionary changes down the years, none of which is probably as advanced as using 3D printing methods. As automobile manufacturers have been on the lookout ...


Everything You Want To Know About 3D Printing in Automotive

NASA has built a 3D printer at the International Space Station that is adopted by the astronauts to custom-built tools without the need for them to fly into space. Amazing,  isn’t it?   This innovative technology has even stormed the automot...


3D printing - A Leading Technology of product prototyping

Over the past three decades, 3D printing has evolved into a leading product processing of prototype parts. The winds of manufacturing have begun to change over time however industrial 3D printing has now encroached on machining, injection molding...


Case Study on Aerospace: Cable Routing Mount for The Latest Airbus Model Using Metal Additive Manufacturing

The aerospace industry has successfully been using metal Additive Manufacturing – Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM) technology as it helps in simplifying the manufacturing steps, building high quality complex parts, shorteni...


The Advantages of Conformal Cooling in Reducing Cycle Time

Evaluating the efficiency of injection moulding is dependent on its productivity and quality of component. The proximity of cooling channels decides the cooling efficiency. Even a slight variation in the distance between two cooling channels can cause uneven heat diss...


Scope and Application of Selective Laser Sintering 3D Printing

Selective laser sintering is one of the most innovative and efficient techniques in 3D printing. It finds tons of applications in numerous industries. According to a report published by MordorIntelligence.com, the global 3D printing m...

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