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The significance of the current Aerospace Industry is impossible to underline. The Aerospace Industry has also been a significant contributor to global economic success. The aerospace industry in India is expanding rapidly, owing to increased activity in both the defence and civil aviation industries. Many of India's aerospace services and manufacturing sectors are likely to increase as demand for large aircraft from Indian carriers grows. This provides an opportunity for new businesses as well as existing businesses to expand.

The Indian aerospace and defence (A&D) sector is expected to grow to US$ 70 billion by 2030, due to strong demand for upgraded infrastructure and government initiatives.

How does 3D Printing benefit Aerospace Industry?

To grow and overcome problems, the aerospace industry relies on innovation. 3D Printing has the potential to transform the way we build structures, components, and machines in all sectors. The commercial aerospace industry grows in size every ten to fifteen years or so. This puts excessive pressure on manufacturers, who must regularly develop planes while adhering to new regulations. 3D printing can cut the time to make plane parts by almost 50 per cent.

3D printing is having a significant impact on the aerospace industry and is used to make:

  • Many fixtures, jigs, gauges, and templates, while reducing the process cost.
  • Prototypes for training purposes
  • Metal brackets that have a structural function
  • Cockpit dashboards and door handles
  • Lighter and more efficient engine and turbine components

Innovae3D has state-of-art Additive Manufacturing infrastructure along with an expert team. This enables us to provide innovative solutions for our customer's Additive Manufacturing requirements.

The cost-effective, tool-less manufacturing of lightweight components for the Aerospace Industry reduces fuel consumption, material costs, and CO2 emissions and offers

  • High durability
  • Lightweight components
  • Complex geometries
  • Cost-effective and low volume production
  • The high strength of materials

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