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Selective laser sintering is one of the most innovative and efficient techniques in 3D printing. It finds tons of applications in numerous industries. According to a report published by MordorIntelligence.com, the global 3D printing market was valued at US$ 13.7 billion in 2020. The report predicts the market to grow at a CAGR of 29.48% and reach an estimated value of US$ 63.46 billion by 2026. Selective laser 3D sintering is an innovative, new technique in additive manufacturing.

Also known as SLS 3D printing, this AM technique provides a quicker way for product design and development. This technique is efficient for creating highly-detailed 3D models and has been a boost in design, production and performance. It has provided a new avenue for materials, construction systems and architectural forms.

Scope and Application of SLS 3D Printing in 2021

The selective laser 3D sintering technique is in immense demand in the 3D printing industry. Some of the top applications and potential uses of SLS 3D printing are in the following industries:

Tooling Production

Selective laser 3D sintering technique is excellent for tool-crafting. It can create variety of tools, including fixtures, jigs, etc.

Rapid Prototyping

The SLS 3D printing technique is widely used in swift product conceptualizing. It is ideal for making proof of concept, early concept modelling, for crafting functional prototypes and for creating practical models for design evaluation.

Rapid Manufacturing / Quick On Demand Manufacturing

Selective laser 3D printing technique is also being increasingly used to rapidly manufacture items in various industries. This “on demand” production need often arises in production design and development which makes SLS 3D printing an ideal tool for rapid manufacturing.

Product Testing

The SLS 3D printing method is designed to create product concepts which pass the strictest quality and evaluation criteria. The product models creates using selective laser sintering are also ideal for environment testing, for instance when testing the effects of heat and cold on a potential product.

Parts Manufacturing

The SLS printing technique is also able to craft robust models, using a variety of different materials, and has found applications in manufacturing several functional components used in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Short Productions Runs

SLS printing works incredibly efficient for production runs that require manufacturing products in considerably smaller quantities. For instance, a company may want to release limited editions or launch varying models according to individual countries. It can also be used for creating samples and even personalized gift items.


The SLS 3D printing technique has already been used to create prosthetics and orthodontic parts that function perfectly. Additionally, the technique also helps to create cranial implants thanks to its incredible precision in crafting 3D models.


Selective laser sintering is also incredibly precise in creating mould inserts, foundry patterns and for casting without the need for expensive tooling.


Selective laser 3D sintering technique is one of the most efficient and effective 3D printing methods. The SLS 3D printing method finds excellent applications in several industries, including healthcare, aerospace, automotive, defence and numerous commercial ones too. Thus, it holds incredible potential in the near future.

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